Legend of the Green Dragon

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A uniquely tantalizing Role Playing Game with custom modules from only the ~~Very Best Coders!~~

>>>>>>>RICO, MarcTheSlayer, DaveS, Curtis Trimpton, WhiteKnight<<<<<<<
>>>Shane, mingo, and HunterD<<<

The Contessa Welcomes you to the Land of Tarkenna
(Elven translation: Land of the Unicorn)
Your search is over but your quest has only just begun!
Finally an awesome RPG with everything you've been searching for, combat, quests and romance.
Hear the excitement, smell the danger, see the possibilities and taste the pleasure like never before.
Embrace the passion of the adventure and ride into the
Land of Tarkenna!

~~~~Exclusive Survivor Module (vote someone off the island) - Hidden Super Weapons - Remembrance (RL memorial)~~~~
~~~~Royal Tournament Champion - Temple of the Gods - Stat Transfers - Free colors and titles and much more!~~~~

Next new game day in: 0h, 31m, 34s (real time)

[ >>About Tarkenna<< ]
The village idiot is: VillageIdiot Enki.
The most recent warrior to destroy the Penguin Overlord is: Molon Labe Loco

The ZOMBIE Apocalypse has been Defeated!
The hero of the hour was Warrior Ayla with 44507 kills!

The Tournament is currently taking competitors.
Visit Port Royal and signup now!

Today's weather is expected to be high winds with scattered showers.

Enter your name and password to enter the realm.
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Welcome to Legend of the Green Dragon! RPers very welcome here!

Game server running version: 1.1.1 Dragonprime Edition
Quote: <Song> Tessas Kiba Yays and wonders if someone wants to duel in another city? And NOT Legend. >.>
Demonic Legend feels smited... :(
<Song> Tessas Kiba says, "I wouldn't win against you... Plus... You godmod... >.> No offense. xD"
Demonic Legend says, "No I don't. >.>"
<Song> Tessas Kiba says, "Umm... I mean... You magically win by an unknown force.:D"

Latest News
Molon Labe Loco has slain the Penguin, and saved the entire Penguin City from death and destruction.
Molon Labe Loco has slain the Tuatara, and saved the entire Kaimanawa Forest Sheep from certain shaggatation.
Loco has earned the title Pikeman for having slain the Yellow Dragon and slaying 41 Dragons total!
Molon Labe Loco has slain the hideous creature known as The Yellow Dragon. All across the land, people rejoice!
Molon Labe Loco defeated Chief doombow in fair combat in the fields of Lighthaven.

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